Monday, January 02, 2012

one thousand gifts

Count Your Blessings
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982. twinkling Christmas lights through the rain
983. my sister's laugh
984. packages sent across the country with love
985. "Mommy, I want to sit in your lap."
986. singing Christmas songs by candle light
987. butternut squash soup and fresh pumpernickel bread
988. unexpected dinner guests and plenty of food
989. ping-pong and mom-talk
990. our very own playground
991. 70 degree December days
992. comfy pink slippers
993. my very own crisp color printed images
994. the #CHRISTmas twitter stream
995. fresh air + tinkling piano + open Bible
996. friendship that isn't hindered by miles
997. having my husband home for the holidays
998. our simple traditions for ringing in the new year
999. pink and blue sunrises and sunsets
1000. living fully right were i am

here i am again...counting my blessings and giving thanks to the God who continues to amaze me with an outpouring of blessings. these one thousand gifts of mine, they are a mere drop in the bucket. the counting, the blessing, the eucharisteo, the praising continues!

"My Father has given all things to me. 
The Father is the only one who knows who the Son is. 
And the only ones who know the Father are the Son 
and those to whom the Son chooses to make the Father known.
....Blessed are the eyes that see what you see."

blessed new year, friends.