Tuesday, October 04, 2011

ten on tuesday: 31 Days

just another reason to love October: The Nester's 31 Day Series.

while i'm not linking up with my own 31 Days Series, i am truly loving reading many others. there's a little bit of everything: womanhood, recipes, budget tips, photography, home decorating, blogging, growing in faith, and so so so much more. there were more than 700 31 Dayers linked up last week!

secretly, i want to curl up in bed and click through each and every one, reading and devouring their daily wisdom.

here are Ten 31 Days Series that i'm loving already (and it's only day 3):

Picture 54
31days beauty budget 31 Days to Balancing Beauty and the Budget
Funky Faith Girl

(oops, that's eleven. oh well.) click through the badges to read more. they all have so much to offer. and go to The Nesting Place to see the 700+ other 31 Dayers. they are ALL amazing! 

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