Monday, October 31, 2011

high altitude praise

The Lord protects all those who love him, 
but he destroys the wicked.
I will praise the Lord, 
and may everyone on earth bless his holy name 
forever and ever. 
Psalm 145:20-21 NLT 

800. watching the sun rise from 32,000 feet above
801. watching the sun set from 32,000 feet above
802. Pam at the Cleveland airport Continental desk
803. a God-sent aunt mentor assigned to the seat next to me
804. fears faced with God's comfort
805. waking up in my own bed, the warmth of my "homeland"
806. a time and place to call out to God, and His instant response
807. books and more books, authored by women i know and love
808. worshiping in an intimate setting with 250 women led by Aaron Shust and Shaun Groves
809. hearing David Nevue on the piano outside my computer screen, the soundtrack to my prayer over this space
810. women broken and running to the One who heals
811. pen and paper; words pouring out of my heart faster than my hand can move across the page
812. fresh coffee
813. chicken quesadillas at the Dog & Pony
814. real conversations about real life with real friends: confidence in what matters
815. laughter, prayer, and conversation with strangers on airplanes
816. falling asleep talking about dreams and fears and journeys
817. a simple little prayer cube, a gift from Anna, turned and rolled in my hands the entire way home
818. all of the emotions that came with the snow- big puffy blankets of it- glimmering in the morning sun
819. finding myself tucked away in a corner and in heart-healing conversation with two amazing real life friends
820. eating a Hershey's chocolate bar in Hershey, PA
821. enough cell phone battery life to call home
822. a roommate who has what i need
823. having what my roommate needs
824. a real life friend for a roommate
825. my comfortable, easy Toms
826. dear sweet friends who help me carry a heavy load, and give me hugs to lift the burden of guilt
827. text messages from home: "i'm praying for your trip."
828. protection promised
829. The Seed Company Prayer Room at Relevant; pages of handwritten love... for me?
830. safe traveling, friendly pilots, and praying flight attendants
831. The Mercy House
832. The Homeschool Village and The Homeschool Post come to life to support homeschoolers at Relevant
833. an unexpected (but much needed) hug from unlikely arms
834. hard questions and the answers bubbling up
835. no headaches
836. four days of no television
837. a Kleenex pyramid for a room of tear-stained faces
838. going home with full bags, but an even fuller heart
839. sharing this online space with such wise, encouraging, and God-loving women
840. dedicating this space to God and choosing the ladder that takes me lower
841. the option to turn off comments
842. stepping off a plane into Dallas air
843. my husband's wide and warm smile welcoming me home
844. my little ones' arms tangled in a big group hug, our faces pressed together
845. goodnight kisses and home sweet home
846. the "Relevant hangover" and quiet anticipation of what God will reveal

i scribble thanksgiving on a scrap notepad, bouncing in turbulence. my heart races with fear and gratitude at the same time. and i know the Lord is close...He grants me peace as i call on Him in truth... (Psalm 145:18-19)