Monday, September 12, 2011

God absotively posilutely created us

we have been reading this book, and i have to tell you about it. if your child (or you) have ever wanted biblical proof that God created the universe, or if you need help explaining creation, please get your hands on Absotively Posilutely by Carl Kerby.

the book follows students Denny and John as they share amazing facts they discovered at a creation museum to friends they meet along their journey. written in an easy-to-read kid-conversation style, this book offers page after page of true details about animals and the earth that 100% prove everything was created by God. there are also interesting facts about the bible and the Christian faith, too. 

from giraffes and frogs to dinosaurs and galaxies, Kerby puts the non-Christian worldview up against the Christian worldview, likening it to wearing eyeglasses:

"The Bible is like a pair of glasses that we look through to understand the world. As a Christian, we have been given a history from the only One who has always been there -- God...The Bible takes blurry things and makes them clear!"  

Absotively Posilutely is a quick read packed with incredible information. it's a timeless resource for our homeschool bookshelf! 

BigGirl has been reading this book and sharing what she learns with me...    

(link to this YouTube video:
don't you love the little jig she dances at the end? discovering evidence of God's creation is JOYOUS!

(link to this YouTube video:
the dramatic eye rolls are just evidence that she's sixandahalf.

so she might not be pronouncing the book title correctly but she does know the important point: God absotively posilutely created our world and universe!

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full disclosure: i was provided with a copy of the book from Master Books to review, to share with my readers here and at the Twitter party. all opinions are honestly my own. as always, i am an upside down blogger prayerfully blogging with integrity.