Tuesday, August 09, 2011

HCPA Classroom

HCPA Classroom

our classroom setup includes modified workboxes, a round kid-sized table and 4 chairs, their computer, letter and number charts, and a wall-pocket system for tracking the day and date, temperature, memory verse, workboxes and chores. we have a chalkboard and dry erase board easel, a USA map on the wall, a globe, a world map on another wall, and lots of shelves and cabinets for storage. BigGirl also has a desk in her bedroom for quiet, self-directed studies, and we use the kitchen table for bigger, more involved assignments.

while we are flexible in where we have "school," i like that we have one room to contain everything and keep it all organized. this room used to be hubby's home office, and then it was my home office, and now it is the official HCPA school room.  

want to know what we're studying? check out our 2011-2012 curriculum.

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