Monday, August 29, 2011

contemplating the blessings

"a life contemplating the blessings of Christ 
becomes a life acting the love of Christ."
-Ann Voskamp

632. BigGirl's first pair of shoes in the "big girl" size
633. little ones in the back seat requesting the Selah CD again
634. contentment in my physical place; here, now
635. a heart that breaks for broken hearts
636. a tidy "junk drawer"
637. a day of learning, growing, and praying with bloggy friends face to face
638. the soft whir and glow of the aquarium, home of our new class pets
639. a surprise thunderstorm and shower
640. homemade sweetener for my homemade iced coffee
641. my husband's sense of humor
642. Bubba and BigGirl being sweet to one another
643. confidence in our decision to homeschool
644. my Pastor and church taking a stand and praying for Israel
645. empty cardboard boxes and their endless potential
646. a pediatrician that will see both of my children at the same time
647. city recycling service
648. United States Bill of Rights coupled with the Lord's Ten Commandments
649. coming home after a long day to dinner made and bathed children, a happy home
650. tattered jeans with a babydoll dress and ballet flats
651. a little promotion, a chance to do more of the work that i love
652. sweet little friends holding hands, dancing and twirling in the church hallway

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