Wednesday, July 13, 2011

works for me: curls!

no heat curls mamahall

my hair is board straight, thick, and heavy. despite my best efforts, my hair can't hold a curl, won't wear a wave, or even keep a crimp. when i was in elementary school i got a few permanents because i wanted my hair to be curly like Baby on Dirty Dancing. you know perms are supposed to last 6-8 weeks? well, mine lasted about 2 and half weeks before it was straight again. God gave me straight hair and i've come to terms with it. i'm happy with my thick stick straight hair.

so you must believe me that it was completely by accident that i came across a "no heat curls" tutorial and completely on a whim that i watched it. my hair never holds curls, but i am a curious one and like to be aware of current trends. even if i can't partake.

this is the tutorial i watched.

just for kicks, i tried it.
no heat curls mamahall
no heat curls mamahall

and the results?
no heat curls mamahall

me, with bouncy fun curls, that lasted all day long! i honestly woke up, pulled the headband off, and this is what my hair looked like. i didn't even brush it except to get it off of my face with my fingers! i used absolutely no hair product and no heat! just followed the super simple instructions on the no heat curls tutorial. seriously, so easy.

curls are fun for a change! this trendy curling technique worked for me!