Monday, June 20, 2011

this week's menu + a peek inside my fridge

monday: crunchy baked chicken *by request*
tuesday: cheeseburger pie (rollover)
wednesday: layered chicken burritos
thursday: steaks on the grill 
friday: breakfast for dinner

something about peering inside a friend's refrigerator just takes the friendship to a new level, don't you think?  the refrigerator contents, and the way they're stored, seem to give an up close and personal glimpse into the user's life. well, i want to take our friendship to the next level. i want to give you an up close and personal glimpse into my life. here is a peek into my refrigerator this morning:

what's inside: organic strawberry jelly, two leftover snack containers from Whole Foods, organic blueberries, organic eggs, organic milk, 2 containers of Dannon All-Natural vanilla yogurt (my son can't get enough of the stuff), apple juice for making freeze pops, organic orange juice, in the drawer we keep organic butter, cheeses, and tortillas, under the drawer is a container of hot dogs and a bottle of organic Root Beer, ground turkey defrosting in the bowl, in the bottom drawers there are grapes and oranges, sweet potatoes and baking potatoes. 

do you feel like you know me better now that you've seen the inside of my fridge?
and just for fun, check out this free printable safe refrigerator storage chart from thekitchn.comthis handy printable has information from the FDA on how long you can store food in your fridge or freezer. go here to download the PDF and print.   

happy meal planning, friends!