Tuesday, June 14, 2011

habitual gratitude

472. flowers from a friend
473. kid-friendly coffee shops
474. text messages from Centralized Showing Service
475. old neighborhoods with big trees shading sidewalks
476. water spritz sprayers on a hot sticky day
477. iced coffee drinks
478. borrowed furniture
479. friends i can count on
480. our frog friend on the back porch
481. 4 pounds of strawberries
482. calm and quiet evenings
483. my junior golfers, naturals on the course
484. mental and spiritual "red flag" warnings
485. sweet compliments from my daughter
486. unexpected hugs from my son
487. believing God for provision and He provides
488. watching my kids watch a movie wearing 3D glasses
489. playtime with friends before they move
490. memories to add to my "waiting" journal
491. DEET-free insect repellent and safe sunscreen
492. cheerful trust in the Trust-Giver
483. ready obedience when He calls
484. a praise-filled peace to grasp during an anxiety attack
485. blogger friends face to face, and our children laughing, playing
486. grace for when the words don't come out right

this is my ongoing list of one thousand gifts... and then some. not gifts that i want. gifts that i already have. gifts that God has placed before me, reminding me daily of His unconditional love. i am only almost half way to a thousand, and my life is changed. i count gifts constantly; it has become a way of life.  

there is an entire community of bloggers who have caught this attitude of gratitude and join Ann once a week for Multitude Monday. join in, give thanks, love God, and live awakened to His gifts.