Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things I Don't Do {ten on tuesday}

i can't do it all. and thank God no one requires that of me. i might be doing something that you don't do. and you are probably doing something that i don't do. and that's perfectly okay! we aren't all made to all do the same things. God did this on purpose, i think, so that we could live in harmony.

Top Ten {Tuesday}there are some things i just don't do...here are 10: 

1. garden. while i think gardening and fresh produce is the best of the best, i don't do it. i leave it to my husband. he likes being out there in the dirt watching the little sprouts come up. me? i'd rather be in the kitchen preparing dinner with the final product. 

2. sew. i never learned. i have my mom's Singer sewing machine that is practically brand new up in a closet somewhere. so many times i say "i wish i could sew" and i've tried! i've just found fabric glue to be way easier.

3. financial stuff. this is very much my husband's territory, and i am very thankful. he's good at it, he enjoys it, and so i let him have it. talking about money and numbers gives me a headache. i am kept abreast on the "state of the union," so to speak, but other than that, i am only involved in our financial stuff on a needs-to-know basis.    

4. jump off cliffs. you know that saying "if your friends jumped off a cliff would you, too?" you know you've heard it. it's about following the crowd, doing the popular thing, and being easily influenced. i'm not. i'm very careful about following trends, which is why i made a point to put it on this list. i'm much more likely to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. if i find out that something i'm doing is, unbeknown to me, a "trend" it's kind of a turn off. i don't want the same eyeglasses as you. i don't want to put my kids in the same summer camp as everyone else. i don't want to ride on bandwagons. i want to drive my OWN bandwagon! i think about lemmings, and this sheep story, and i just want to follow Jesus! okay yes, this list was inspired by The Diaper Diaries...it doesn't make me a cliff-jumper!  

5. scrapbook. surprised, right? because i love love love paper. and the truth is i used to scrapbook. i used to have the time to work on pages. i used to have the space to lay out papers and my fancy scissors and expensive adhesives. i used to have the time to sit for hours on end making the most adorable layouts. and then i had kids. {smile}

6. shop at multiple grocery stores. i know. i'm losing money just by NOT doing this one thing. but taking my kids to one grocery store is plenty for me. you can have my extra bucks and reward points.

7. weigh myself. i know my body well enough. i *try* to eat right 95% of the time, and i do exercise regularly. my clothes fit me and feel good. i don't need a number on the scale to make or break my day.     

8. shop at the mall. with the exception of a few products that can only be purchased at the mall, i don't like shopping there. from the parking lot traffic to the pushy kiosk salespeople, there are so many reasons i avoid the mall. i also know that anything i can find at the mall can be found elsewhere without the mall hassles. 

9. cook breakfast. unless, of course, it's requested or a very special occasion, your breakfast choices around here are cereal, oatmeal, fruit, or yogurt granola parfaits. i will gladly cook you lunch and dinner, but breakfast is not my thing. (i don't even eat it) besides, Daddy is really good at it.

10. girl's night out. i've gone out with my girlfriends after hours and i had a super great time, but there's always this ache on the inside to be at home with my husband and children. this constant ache hinders my ability to truly have fun. night time with my family is precious to me and i just don't like to miss it.

that's me and those are the things i don't do. it's quite freeing to admit not doing it all. what would be on your list? 

"Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! 
Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it."
Psalm 139:14 NLT