Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Very Special Airplane Activity Books

have you ever been on an airplane with a toddler? if so, bless your heart. if not, bless your heart.
we have been traveling the skies with our children since both of them were infants. even so, we are not experts. our youngest is in the middle of toddlerhood, and the thought of taking him on an airplane gives me the hives. but the thought of a vacation is even better than the hives, so i tough it out and make the most of it.

the key to flying with children is keeping them busy, in their seat, happy, and relatively quiet. it's a tight space, the air is thin, and everyone's patience is a little shorter than normal. as Mom, i have to do something to TRY to make this pleasant for everyone. lollipops, extra pacifiers, bubble gum, $2.99 game apps...i'll try anything for a peaceful 90 minutes of air time.

so, in preparations of our upcoming flight, i made Very Special Airplane Activity Books for both of the kids.

both books have color pages of the Florida state flag, official state animals, a USA map, hidden pictures, and color by number. Bubba loves matching games so he has one or two of those in his book. i used alligators a lot because he loves them and we plan on seeing them in Florida.

BigGirl's has all of that, plus pages with state facts, mini-quiz's, word searches, and short stories.

they both have a shape activity, a lacing page, and a mini-felt storyboard of "Five Little Monkeys."

in the front of each book is a ziplock bag clipped on with an alligator clip (of course) to contain their crayons, shapes, yarn, and felt story pieces.

they turned out cute right? i keep thinking of things to add to it, but i can't make it too bulky because they have to carry it themselves.

and for the returning flight? well...Daddy will have to come up with something for them!

*hopefully* these Very Special Airplane Activity Books will work for me! i'm linking up to WeAreThatFamily.com Works for Me Wednesday