Tuesday, April 19, 2011

this week's menu

we are back from a 7 day getaway, and between dining out and homecooked meals from Granny and Grandma, i was a bit spoiled and didn't have to cook while we were on vacation. as ready as i am to get back into our routine, menu planning didn't come easy for me this week. 

and then one of my bestest friends surprised me by bringing my family dinner on our first week night home! a delicious pizza, calzone, and lasagna from her family-owned and operated Weatherford restaurant, Nizza Pizza. what a sweet gesture! a bonus night of not having to cook!  
m: Nizza Pizza delivered by my sweet friend
t: 16 bean soup with rice
w: chicken and black bean tostadas
h: slow cooker meatloaf (this has been on my menu for more than 2 weeks now and i haven't gotten around to making it yet!)
f: potato leek soup with grilled cheese

how do you transition back into menu planning reality after vacation? i'd love your tips!

happy meal planning!