Tuesday, April 26, 2011

never say never {ten on tuesday}

do you ever do anything or say anything or go someplace that you never in a zillion years ever thought you'd do, say, or go? as i get older (ahem) i'm finding that i'm doing, saying, and going places that i never thought i would for whatever reason. i'm shocked at myself sometimes! but my mom always says, "never say never!" perhaps she's right.
Top Ten {Tuesday}
top 10 things 
i never thought i would.... but i did:

1. call my son Bubba. it just came out of my mouth seconds after he was born. and it fits him so perfectly.

2. homeschool my children. i went to public schools, my husband went to public schools, and we turned out just fine. but times they are a'changin' and homeschooling works for our family.

3. see my husband driving a minivan. and he looked so handsome behind the wheel of that swagger wagon. 

4. break Bubba of his pacifier. i was going to let him have it until he was 3. maybe 4 if he gave me that cute face. maybe 5, but only at bedtime, if he was super sweet. {kidding} but he quit on his own cold turkey now 2 weeks ago. CELEBRATE!

5. eat alligator. tastes like chicken. that was a one-time thing.

6. start a nonprofit organization. there was a need in the community and i needed to do something about it.

7. tell anyone about my past. i didn't know how you'd react. i didn't expect so much love. 

8. want to go back to school. i kinda do. i think i'd like to study the latest in technical communication. later, though. like, much later.

9. use an espresso machine the way that i do. daily.

10. want another child. but i do.

...and there you have it! ten good reasons to never say never!