Monday, February 21, 2011


Sunrise by dhworth, on Pix-O-Sphere

196. a quiet house in the early morning
197. encouragement designed by God for Moms.
198. heart softening, mind clarifying, peace enveloping wisdom from the Lord.
199. sharing laughs with my husband.
200. free Wi-Fi.
201. Granny available.
202. comfort when i can't comfort myself.
203. no reason to fear.
204. espresso at my beckon husband my personal Barista.
205. Precise V5 RT pens.
206. my brother, coming to me for prayer.
207. connectivity, support, friendships flourishing.
208. the call to motherhood.
209. rechargeable batteries. 
210. homeschooling on public school holidays.
211. mixing paint in their pots, colors swirling.
212. clothespin "people" holding pipe cleaner "hands."
213. little arms reaching up for a hug.
214. a handwritten thank you card in the mail from the owner of the local Chick-Fil-A.
215. clearly seeing opportunities opening and others closing.
216. a safe drive for my under the weather Mom.
217. a sweet baby boy wrapped cozy in a My Manna Blanky asleep in my arms.
218. spring weather overnight.
219. a close-knit circle of true friends, genuine women of faith.
220. a bowlful of clean organic gala apples.
221. EVOO in bulk.
222. the faint chinging of windchimes almost unnoticed, but noticed.
223. an easy, long, peaceful naptime.

there are a Thousand, Endless Gifts... eucharisteo.