Friday, February 04, 2011

february goals

i'm motivated by my 3 in 30 friends to keep pressing on toward accomplishing little goals all year long. with their support and accountability, my january goals were achieved! it's a wonderful feeling to have accomplished three {little} goals in 30 days. i can only imagine what it will feel like at the end of the year when i've set and met 36 of my personal goals. 

when i think of february i think in bubbly hearts, roses, reds and pinks. it's a short month, a cold month, the sleepy month before waves of Spring Fever wash over me.

my goals for february:

1. get back into the gym habit. which means i have to kick my fear of germs at the gym childcare.

2. organize my work and workspace. because this? could be so much better.

3. focus on the next phase of Gorbella's, my God-given dream.

i plan on relying fully on God's outpouring of grace and strength to help me achieve my goals. and i certainly appreciate the heartfelt encouragement from Meghan, Ashley, and the #3in30 Community!