Wednesday, January 12, 2011

works for me: preparing in peace

you know when you're getting ready to leave the house, and you need those last few minutes to gather everything you need, turn off lights, let the dog in or out, find your keys, grab a bottle of water, make sure the oven is off, make sure you have extra diapers and wipes, find your sunglasses, grab your shopping list and coupons, lock the back door, and remind yourself of where you're headed?

you know how difficult it is to do those things when there's a little one toddling under your feet jibber-jabbering nonstop about trains and Buzz Lightyear, begging for your acknowledgement, with a steady drip of milk falling from his sippy cup? and it's even harder if you have another child singing Jingle Bells repeatedly as loud as she can, while skipping around the house waving her jacket wildly in the air like a flag?


for those minutes- those last few minutes before walking out the door to go somewhere- this works for me:

"Go Stand Quietly By The Front Door."  

i say that to my children almost every day. and it works like a charm. they stand quietly by the front door, completely ready to walk out as soon as i open it, and i can take a few minutes to gather myself and our belongings in peace. no distractions. i can hear myself think. i can hear them whispering, but it's sweet. they are settled. i can walk out the door prepared and everyone is happy. especially Mama.

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