Friday, January 07, 2011

january goals

i like goals. i like checklists. i like accountability. and i love a challenge! so naturally when i saw Meghan & Ashely's 3 in 30 i had to join in. naturally.

it's simple. 3 little goals to accomplish in 30 days. totally achievable, right? this challenge will help me not bite off more than i can chew, which i tend to do, and then i choke. i already have the goals and i could sure use the support to keep me focused, so why not? here we go...

my january goals

1. begin the potty training process w/ Bubba.

2. commit to my own project365 photo-a-day project.

3. cleanse myself physically and spiritually thru the 21-day Daniel Fast.

to get closer to meeting my goals, i... 

  • bought a new potty and "tee-tee treats" for Bubba, stayed home and put effort into teaching him to use the potty. spent 3 solid days doing nothing but introducing Bubba to the potty. begged for your advice.
  • kept my camera battery charged, put the camera in an accessible spot and made an effort to take it with me every where this week. still deciding on a day to post my pictures...
  • stocked up on fresh produce. made a menu plan for the week, and started the Daniel Fast on 1/3. i also paid very close attention to my hunger cues and tried very hard to morph my physical hunger into spiritual hunger. it's incredible how God has spoken to me already. my spirit is learning to be more powerful than my flesh...i stand amazed. 

my accountability partners and super supportive friends include Meghan, Ashley, and a slew of friends on Twitter (using #3in30). i'm continually praying for guidance and grace for each goal.  

do you have a long list of short-term goals? join us for encouragement, support, and accountability every friday: 
  • 1st Friday of each month: "Roll Call"
    Who's in for this month? Let us know!
  • 2nd Friday of each month: "Check-Up"
    How did this week go for you? Check in!
  • 3rd Friday of each month: "Encouraging words"
    Let us know what quote, Scripture, or encouraging words got you through this week?
  • 4th Friday of each month: "Closing Comments"
    Overall reaction to this month's goals. Also, include what your goals are for the following month.
  • 5th Friday (occasional): "What blogs did you visit this month?"
it's not too late to set your goals. ready? get set? start here: and here