Saturday, December 18, 2010

recycled ornament craft {DIY}

isn't this so cute? BigGirl calls it the peek-a-boo Christmas ornament. it was super easy to make, and i'm thinking it would be a fun make-and-take Christmastime craft for preschool-agers.

all you need:
1 lid from HappyBaby PUFFS canister
clear tape
permanent marker
small piece of yarn
print-out of clip art graphic or photo of your choice, sized about 2" diameter, preferably on cardstock
(i found some cute clip art here)

have your child color the clip art. while she's doing that, write the message on the outside of the lid "door." i wrote "Merry Christmas 2010."

place the PUFFS canister lid over the colored clip art, trace around it and cut out.
tape the paper to the lid from the back side, making sure that when the "door" is open, the image is right side up and straight.

tape a piece of yarn in a loop to the back of the paper.
hang on your Christmas tree!

PS: the empty and now lid-less HappyBaby PUFFS canister makes great storage for crayons! we also like to keep one in the car as a mini trash can. recycle, reuse, renew! and Merry Christmas!