Monday, December 06, 2010


holy experience

i can't stop counting...with a heart overflowing with thanks...

41. 8 years of marriage and love that continually grows stronger
42. clothes that fit
43. midnight prayers
44. open lines of communication
45. Advent
46. meaningful crafts and quality time with quality friends
47. a community of support for my husband
48. Starbucks on the nearest corner
49. Jesus is the Gift reminders
50. prayer warriors rallying with Jesus on my behalf
51. being finished Christmas shopping
52. an opportunity to give revealed
53. encouraging radio stations, Christmas music
54. the truth about Santa and BigGirl's understanding
55. my mom as my kids Granny 
56. a break from Facebook 
57. discovering our history, our ancestors, our lineage
58. strong immune systems, the power of healing prayer
59. Amazon prime eligible items 
60. egg nog

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