Wednesday, November 03, 2010

picture us

every year around Thanksgiving we have our family picture taken. it has become a Fall-time tradition and i love it. i love that we are consistent in this, and the timing is awesome because it provides me with a photo for our Christmas cards.

this year, TexanMama took our pictures and she did an amazing job.

you can't even tell that Bubba had just woken up from his nap and was Mister Cranky Pants the entire time.

you don't even notice that BigGirl was dying of starvation and relentlessly begging for a snack when the camera wasn't on her.

you would never even know it that DaddyHall was missing the 2nd half of the Cowboys game.

and you definitely can't tell that our two dogs plus our neighbor's two dogs were bouncing around trying to get in the pictures.

didn't TexanMama do a great job? we actually had fun taking these pictures. fun! i wasn't the least bit stressed out, because the photographer wasn't the least bit stressed out. (and considering the circumstances, she very well could have been!) we never felt posed or uncomfortable. we were completely being us

i can't decide which picture to use on our Christmas card! luckily, TexanMama got a ton of great pictures! i also can't decide which Christmas card to send! luckily, Shutterfly has MANY different styles to choose from - and i can even use more than one photo if i want! (you are a Shutterfly member, right!?) between the hundreds of photo Christmas cards, religious Christmas cards, and holiday photo cards on Shutterfly, i'm sure i'll have no trouble finding a design that we like. i started browsing designs this morning and here are three of my favorites so far:

Love and Joy Christmas Card

Royal Elegance Christmas Card

Christ Wishes Religious Christmas Card

TexanMama photography + Shutterfly Christmas cards work for me! seriously, i could play with these pictures and designs all day! which Hall family photo do you like? which Shutterfly Christmas card design do you like? when do you start working on your Christmas cards? isn't this fun!? 'tis the season!  

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in exchange for telling my readers about their products and services, of which i am already a fan, Shutterfly generously offered to give me 50 free holiday cards. do you blog? receive 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly  full disclosure!