Monday, November 29, 2010

the dress

this week jeff and i celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. 8 years! i still feel as young and even more in love as i felt on that cold December day in 2002. it's a perfect week to tell My Wedding Dress Story with Texan Mama.
my wedding dress....oh, that dress. it was the perfect dress for me. it was exactly what i pictured myself wearing when i pictured myself on that special day.

practically timeless.
beautiful in the natural light. 
elegant, but not fancy.
plain, but still pretty.
pretty, but not frilly.

i don't even remember trying on any other dresses. i knew what i wanted and i didn't want to waste time trying on anything that wasn't the dress. my mom taught me how to shop like that.

if i had to go back and do it all again, i would still choose that dress, that veil, the faux fur-lined shoulder wrap, nude fishnet tights, and my Grandmother's pearls.

i love that dress. i can't bring myself to part with it, no matter how tattered it is around the bottom from dancing, and discolored the bodice is from age. there's no way my daughter could wear my wedding dress, as sweet as that would be. i wore the heck out of it and then i didn't do anything to "preserve" it from fading. but it doesn't matter. it was mine in my moment. perfectly mine.

that's it. my wedding dress story. no drama, no suspense. to tears, no stress. just me, my perfect dress, and my cherished memories.

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