Friday, October 08, 2010

side by side

we aren't friends by chance. i believe that God sends people into my life on purpose, and i pay attention to that. i treasure my friends. in my book, a true friend is mutual: feelings, trust, love. and it's pretty much unconditional.

i have been blessed with a select handful of premium, unconditional, true friends.  

she knows me. she knows what i want. she knows what i believe. she'll help me find what i'm looking for, or get it for me before i even realize it's missing. she knows what i need. she keeps my secrets. she makes me laugh. she spends time with me. she listens. she talks. she asks. she tells. she helps. she gives. she doesn't judge. she trusts me. she loves me. she loves my family. she's loyal. she understands. she remembers. she is supportive and reliable.

i know her. i know what she wants. i know what she believes. i'll help her find what she's looking for, or get it for her before she even realizes it's missing. i know what she needs. i keep her secrets. i make her laugh. i spend time with her. i listen. i talk. i ask. i tell. i help. i give. i don't judge. i trust her. i love her. i love her family. i'm loyal. i understand. i remember. i am supportive and reliable.

we are side by side drinking tea and chatting about our kids. we are side by side with a glass of wine toasting to good news. we are side by side with our husbands, not wanting the night to end. we are side by side consoling another friend. we are side by side pushing shopping carts or strollers. we are side by side through thick and thin. we are side by side roasting marshmallows. we are side by side, bibles in our laps, praying together.

side by side, we are comfortable. we are strong. we are complementary. we are happy. we are inspired. we are encouraged. we are goofywe are giggly.

we are friends.

"many can say they are loyal friends, but who can find one who is truly reliable?" Proverbs 20:6