Friday, October 01, 2010

germs, ick. {giveaway}

i've been buying and using "instant" hand sanitizer for a while now. when i had my first baby, i made sure everyone who invaded our personal space to coo over her first got a squirt of the stuff. and i still have it readily, even now that my babies are 2 and 5. we use it before and after we get in the shopping buggy, after playing on the playscape, before eating on the go, after Sunday school at church, and after we wash hands in a public bathroom.
what can i say? i'm a mom and i don't like germs. so when OutLast™ contacted me to try their brand of hand sanitizer, it was a no brainer.

OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer, a patented formula originally developed for hospitals, kills germs on contact and can control germs for up to 6 hours.
just think of all the germs your children come in contact with in a 6 hour period... LOTS!
i tried OutLast™ and was impressed with two things 1- it didn't have a strong smell and 2-it wasn't sticky. the 2oz bottle tucks nicely in my kids' backpacks and i like to keep one in the console of my car.
it does contain 70% ethyl alcohol, which irritates Bubba's sensitive skin, so i didn't use it on him. i gave sample bottles to a few moms in our playgroup and they were very excited to find a longer-lasting hand sanitizer. did you know that most leading instant hand sanitizers only work for 2 minutes? is that why it's called "instant"?
OutLast is available at select Albertsons stores in Texas. but because i love you, i'd like to give away 2 bottles of OutLast™ Long Lasting Hand Sanitizer to my readers! would you like to try it? all you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment. two lucky winners will be chosen randomly to win a 2oz bottle of OutLast Hand Sanitizer.

extra entries: 1-follow MamaHall, 2-Tweet about the giveaway @mamahall, and 3-Subscribe to MamaHall. make sure to leave your email address or link to your site so i can contact you when you win! open to US residents only, please. good luck!

the makers of OutLast Hand Sanitizer kindly provided me with sample bottles in exchange for my honest review and for me to give away.