Thursday, September 02, 2010

TILT: Svelte

Bubba, my 2 year old, is not the best eater. He has way better things to do than eat, and when he does eat, he changes his mind about what he likes. Inconsistent. He seems to want to eat the same thing again and again, like peanut butter and jelly, and there was once a meatloaf phase. And yet, other days the only thing I can get him to consume is milk. I try not to make it a battle, and that's why sometimes he has a banana for dinner.  

When I do find something that he likes, asks begs for, AND is nutritious? I'm The Happiest Mom On Earth. 

Enter Svelte.

A sustained energy protein drink, Svelte is available in four different flavors. Bubba calls it "my shake." He loves it. Consistently. He begs for it for breakfast, sometimes for lunch, sometimes for dinner, and sometimes in between meals. It fills him up, gives him the energy he needs, and is really good for him. If he doesn't eat all day but he's had his Svelte "shake"? No mommy guilt.

Do you see that? ORGANIC soymilk. ORGANIC soybeans. ORGANIC dried cane syrup. NATURAL flavors. ORGANIC vanilla extract. !!! 

I was SO happy to discover Svelte (thanks, Stroller Strides!), that I wrote the company (CalNaturale) a Thank You note! How often do you do that? Do it- it's a nice gesture. They were super generous and sent Bubba a free bottle of his favorite flavor Svelte: vanilla

We found it on the shelves at our local Whole Foods Market, and I keep our fridge well stocked for when Bubba begs for, "My Shaaaake!" 

Svelte is on my Things I Love list. What's on yours? Yes, you should make a list and join in the fun every week at's Things I Love Thursday

*Disclosure: This blog post is not sponsored. Bubba and I truly love Svelte and we just wanted to let yall know.