Tuesday, September 14, 2010

endearing eryn: top ten {tuesday}

if you know me and you love me, then you must love these *endearing* habits of mine:

1. i tend to leave my shoes in places where they might not belong.

2. i correct bad grammar. always in my head, sometimes out loud.

3. sometimes i don't close doors, drawers, or cabinets all the way.

4. i'll ask you what time it is because i forget that i'm wearing a watch.

5. if there is a question about something, i will be the first to look it up on my iPhone.

6. i pick at little nothings on my upper arms.

7. i make piles of things (papers, laundry, mail, books) before i can get to them.

8. i'm super picky about how the towels (even rags) are folded.

9. i like to eat things in layers: if it's a sandwich, i eat first the bread, then the insides separately.

10. i screen my phone calls. don't take it personally.

everyone has endearing little habits like these....don't they? admitting it is the first step to recovery. 

i'm linking up with OhAmanda because that's what i do on Tuesdays, yall! {"yall"= another endearing habit that you love about me...heehee!}