Wednesday, August 11, 2010

works for me: junk in a box

almost a year ago i cleaned out and organized our junk drawer. over the months, more and more junk inevitably found it's way back into that drawer undoing all the therapeutic organizing i'd accomplished. boo.

lesson learned: only keep the things that we use in the drawer.

and then i saw this brilliant idea in a magazine: empty all junk drawer contents into a box. keep the box accessible. when you need an item, take it from the box, use it, and put it in the drawer. after X amount of time (2 weeks was good for me), whatever you didn't use from the box finds a new home not in the junk drawer. this is where you dump all the junk out of the box and sort. i like to make piles: garage junk, bathroom junk, Mom's junk, Dad's junk, kid junk, and most importantly: trash. finally, put the junk away accordingly.

all that junk was crammed in 1 drawer. blah!

see how easy it is to toss stuff into the drawer?
little odds and ends really add up.

only the things we use, nice and tidy.

the junk in a box method worked for me to de-junk our junk drawer! can you guess which drawer i'm in the middle of tackling now...? hosts Works For Me Wednesday. link up and find great tips over there