Saturday, August 21, 2010

this was his temporary home

our dear Papaw went home to heaven on 8-20-2010. he was 83. 

i hold on to many memories of this sweet man. like the time he put salt in my coffee by mistake, thinking it was sugar. i drank it politely until he realized what he did. we laughed and laughed. i remember him with a big gift bow stuck on his forehead, goofy grin and cross-eyed, at every Christmas and birthday celebration, making everyone laugh. i can still hear his laugh.

lately i haven't been able to hear this song without thinking of Papaw when it gets to the last verse. i pray Papaw is in the arms of God, surrounded by loved ones, at his healthiest and happiest, smiling as he waits to see us again.

we love you Papaw.