Tuesday, August 24, 2010

it's just me {ten on tuesday}

this week it's completely random, off the top of my head, with no rhyme or reason...just ME.

1. i'm going to The Relevant Conference! W00T! sponsor shoutout: www.nlpg.com 

2. i have more than 3,000 pictures on my iPhone. is that a lot? 
3. i'm having a giveaway right here this Friday that i'm super stoked about...hint: Grand Canyon! 
4. i'd rather be barefoot. always and everywhere.
5. my wedding ring is a pearl. it suits me.
6. i don't make my bed every day. do you?
7. when i was a teen, i worked at the YMCA, Subway, Pizza Inn, and Gadzooks. not all at the same time, of course.
8. i've never mowed a lawn. but i have cut grass with scissors.
9. i tweet in church. about church and God.

10. i flash my lights at oncoming cars to warn them of a speed trap.
and that's it for now, friends!

what about you? what's on your Top Ten list today? it is Tuesday afterall... go see what's up at OhAmanda.com