Saturday, August 07, 2010

It's Crumby (alternate title: The Halls Were Here)

if my kids were serial burglars, their calling card would be crumbs. they are not serial burglars, not now and not ever, but they do leave crumbs every. where. they. go. it's a trail of mix matched {organic, all-natural} snacks, bits and bites that didn't quite make it to their mouths. it's a big crumby mess.

as Bubba crawled out of his side of the car, this mess followed.

part of me was/is really embarrassed to show this picture.

another part of me wants you to empathize or tell me that your crumb situation is messier than mine.

and another part of me is pretty proud that my kids have a calling card....don't the HappyBaby PUFFS just scream "The Halls Were Here"?

oh, and the little broom? a gift to DaddyHall from Granny. know you're a Dad when your Mother-in-Law gives you a whisk broom to sweep the crumbs out of your SUV. can i get that on a t-shirt or bumper sticker?


you may now proceed with encouraging crumb comments.