Monday, July 26, 2010

i have a secret

and i can't contain it any longer!

i've been keeping this secret for a few weeks, talking in code to the few people that know about it. i've been packing our suitcases in the darkest corner of my closet and dodging questions like "Mom, where is my favorite orange tank top?"

the kids don't understand why - but are thoroughly enjoying - extra QT with Daddy this weekend because what they don't know is...

Mama's taking them to Matagorda!

this is the first trip i've taken with the kids without hubby, and really it's the first time i've felt capable confident enough to do it. i won't be completely alone, though. {thank God!} two of my best Mom Friends and their kids are making the trip with us. together, we can do anything! how is this so different than loading them up and taking them to the zoo for the day? it's really the same, just....bigger. {psyching myself up here.}

three moms. seven kids. six hours in the car.

i'll let you know how it goes ;)