Wednesday, June 09, 2010

works for me: campfire safety

we went camping with kids for the first time ever this summer. there were probably 5 specific worries that i prayed about in the days leading up to our trip. one of them was the campfire. fire scares me. my wild, fearless boy doesn't know how dangerous fire is. my curious, brave girl likes to test boundries. the thought of the both of them near an open fire gave me plenty of good reason to worry pray.

God gave me peace about it. you would have never known that i was one teensy bit worried about the fire. that kind of calmness in the middle of a Mom's fear-based storm only comes from God.

after the fire was started, when normally the stress and fear would have taken over, sending me into a frenzy, i calmly and logistically grabbed a rope from our camping gear, went over to the fire and formed a circle with the rope on the dirt ground about 3 feet away from the fire. i calmly instructed the kids to stay on the outside of the rope. a simple, visual boundry to keep them safe from the flames.

i don't know where (except God) that i got the idea to do that. but it worked for us! 

going camping? pray. and bring a rope for your campfire boundry. 

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