Wednesday, May 19, 2010

works for me: Little Swords

May 2010 is going to go down in the Hall Family History Books yall. We've turned a major corner. We've overcome an obstacle. We've conquered a mountain and we have overcome.

Bubba eats!

Something clicked with him this month and now my son is eating. The same boy who would *by his choosing* go days fueled ONLY by Goldfish crackers, HAPPYBABY Puffs, bananas, graham crackers, cereal bars, and milk, is now eating complete meals. He's now consuming all of the food groups, several times a day. Like a normal *but above average of course* kid.

All it took was a toothpick.

A few weeks ago, we were strolling in the mall [okay maybe we were walking at a fast pace in a hurry to the parking garage because I do not like the mall. at all] and as we zoomed thru the food court there was a cafe employee with a tray of samples: honey BBQ chicken chunks stuck on toothpicks. BigGirl grabbed one, Bubba fussed for one. I grabbed one for him but didn't for one second believe he would even bring it to his mouth. It wasn't a Puff or a Goldfish or a graham cracker. Why would he?

Well he sure fooled me. He ate it. The whole thing. And then he handed me the toothpick and asked for more. I was shocked! I think I did a little dance right there in the mall.

That very night at dinner, I cut up our grilled chicken into small cubes and put it on a plate for Bubba like I normally do. Usually he pushes the plate away and cries until he gets a banana. But this time, I stuck a toothpick in each piece of chicken. He ate that chicken like there was no tomorrow. It was the VERY SAME chicken I've been begging him to eat for 18 months. And now, because it has a "little sword" stuck in it, he eats it up without a fight.

After about a week of putting toothpicks in all of his food- meatballs, chicken, hamburger, even sandwich meat- and him eating it all up and asking for more, I left the toothpicks out just to see what would happen. How would he react without the little swords stabbing the food?

Bubba eats!

He eats with his fingers, he eats with a fork, he eats and eats and eats more. He eats breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks in between. I've quit having to spend his college tuition on crackers and the dinner table torture has come to an end. It's an answer to my silent prayers and his growling tummy.

Bubba eats!

Sticking food on little swords to feed my toddler worked for me in a BIG way. I'm linking up with pride at Works For Me Wednesday!