Wednesday, May 05, 2010

works for me: Big Kid bedrooms

my kids are growing up. it's a fact, Jack.

within the next year both of my babies will be transitioning to big kid stuff. bikes without training wheels, outings without the stroller, chapter books, smaller manipulatives, and on and on. their interests are maturing, so their environments must mature.

it's time for Big Kid Bedrooms. Bubba is outgrowing his moon-and-stars nursery, and BigGirl is feeling more grown up than her princess-y gingham bedroom decor. i had way too much fun designing and shopping for my kids furniture than i ever thought possible at the selection is amazing - i'm talking hundreds and thousands of choices - and the prices aren't too shabby either. but i know what my kids like, and with some strategic planning and long-term thinking, this is what i came up with for my little ones:

don't you love it? everything pictured is from, and that works for me. and nope, i wasn't paid a penny to do this. :)

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