Monday, May 03, 2010

"Mom, I'm Ready."

we were in the car, going somewhere, on our way to do something. the radio was on and i was singing along to a good song. from her seat in the way back of the car, i heard BigGirl say something. i looked at her in the rear-view mirror and kept singing.

i thought she was talking to herself.

but the look in her eye told me she wasn't.

she was talking to me. she was saying something and she wanted needed me to hear it.

i turned off the radio. i slowed down so the light would turn red. i turned completely around in the drivers seat, facing her, eye to eye, fully attentive.

"what, baby?" i asked her.

"Mom, i'm ready to invite Jesus into my heart forever."

 congratulations, Big Girl. i couldn't be prouder of you and this decision you've made. i love you!