Wednesday, April 14, 2010

works for me: keeping the car tidy

i'm a clean person. messes drive me crazy. i wipe the kitchen countertops and table countless times daily. clutter makes me insane. so i can see why my husband is baffled {grossed out} when he gets in my car.
crumbs. trash. goo. smudges. toys. wrappers. everywhere.

it's nasty. i know.
but seriously, when you're toting two little ones around, no matter what time of day it is, they're bound to be hungry. so they eat in the car. a lot. eating in the car is messy. and what do you do with that banana peel when you're finished? just drop it on the floor, because Mama is busy driving.

it doesn't help that Bubba thinks its hilarious to throw handfuls of Cheddar Bunnies at Mama while she's driving because she can't do anything about it when the Cheddar Bunnies land in her hair. oh my goodness, that boy.

so i have learned a few VERY SIMPLE tricks to keeping my sanity and keeping my car clean.

i keep a roll of paper towels on the front seat within my reach. for wiping hands, for wrapping up that banana peel, for cleaning up spills, and i taught Bubba to tuck it in his shirt to use as a bib. it works.

another thing i've started doing, besides brushing the Cheddar Bunnies out of my hair and vacuuming the car weekly, is enlisting in the kids' help. when we get home, i ask them both to bring in any empty cups, wrappers, or trash that they see in the car. especially if they brought it in. and i do the same in the front seat: coffee cups, tissues, reciepts, and so forth. i keep a stash of reusable grocery bags in the back of the car for carrying in big loads of stuff. because sometimes there are big loads of stuff floating around in my car. i don't know how it happens but it does.

and those are a few of my WORKS FOR ME tricks for keeping the car tidy. please visit WeAreThatFamily for more tips on this beautiful Works For Me Wednesday.