Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Radio Commercials

Did yall hear about the new "Pause and Play Radio" feature available in some new cars? It's like a DVR or Tivo for your car radio. Cool right? Because how annoying are radio commercials? Wouldn't you love to fast-forward thru them? Seriously.

Or what if you hear a commercial for something you're interested in and you're in the middle of changing lanes so you didn't catch the phone number or website that they mentioned for something very important?

This is something I've thought a lot about. I actually invented it about 3 years ago. In my head. Turns out GM can read minds.

I was thinking about my brilliant DVR-for-car radio invention when this list popped into my head.

10 Sounds that Should Be Banned From Radio Commercials 
1. honking car horns
2. emergency vehicle sirens
3. newborn baby crying
4. tornado/hurricane siren
5. glass breaking
6. monster trucks
7. screeching breaks 
8. kids screaming
9. thunder and lightening
10. ice cream truck

So, radio advertising people please take note of the sounds I will fast forward thru using my invention if I hear it on my car radio. Thanks.

And....Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by my little purple friend OhAmanda, who is so funny you must go read her now. Happy Tuesday!