Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Matagorda Memories

Last week, we Spring Break'd (yes that's a word) in Matagorda, Texas.

Matagorda is a quiet little beach town on the Gulf Coast.

If you've never been to Matagorda don't go! It's not touristy (yes that's a word), is a fisherman's dream, the beaches are clean and family-friendly, and the best place to stay is always booked. Okay so maybe you should go just to see for yourself how great Matagorda is, but don't tell anyone. We don't want it to become touristy. Shhhhh.

While we were there, we saw things, learned things, and did things. We made memories.

Top Ten Matagorda Memories from Spring Break 2010:

1. Bubba learned to jump.
2. Watched 6 dolphins dance in the ocean.
3. Ate at the local burger joint 3 times in 4 days.
4. Taught Granny the Down South Shuffle.
5. Saw my mom as a blushing bride.
6. Ate an apple in the ocean.
7. Sent my nephews snipe-hunting.
8. Nearly stepped on a jellyfish.
9. Flat Stanleys.
10. Bubba slept in bed with me.

It was a wonderful, memorable vacation. For more Top Ten Tuesday visit and link up at OhAmanda.com.