Tuesday, March 09, 2010

ten on tuesday: junk foods

let me warn you first, this list might make you hungry or induce unusual cravings.

when i was at the grocery store last week there was another mama shopping with her two tots, about the same age as mine. cool- here we were, two moms in yoga pants, each with two kids, buying groceries to feed our families. i felt a connection, we smiled. but then, i didn't mean to, but i peeked at her grocery cart contents, and suddenly i realized we were very, very different.

you may or may not believe me, but in the 5 years i've been a mom, i've successfully kept these foods from my kids. unless there is an organic, all-natural spin-off of these foods, they've never had them. and the good thing is, they don't know what they're missing. i don't see it as depriving them...i'm protecting them.

1. Fruit Roll-Ups
2. PopTarts
3. Kool-Aid
4. Soda
5. Beef Jerky
6. Sugary-cartoon-fruity-"kid" cereal
7. Jello
8. Pringles
9. Cracker Jacks
10. Hot dogs

{disclaimer: i have no idea what Grandma, PaPa or Granny feeds my kids when i'm not looking, and i have no control over it, either.}

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