Friday, February 26, 2010

changing diapers: soap love *giveaway*

part of the fun of cloth diapering is the washing of the soiled cloth diapers. idea of fun these days is washing cloth diapers. 

through lurking cloth diapering websites and forums, i discovered LoveThyScent. all-natural handmade laundry bars for handwashing! LoveThyScent's Natural Laundry Soap Bars are made with palm oil and coconut oil, specifically for handwashing cloth diapers and delicates, and are naturally free of Phthalates.

just what i was looking for! gentle on the diaper fabric, gentle on Bubba's bum, and gentle on the Earth!

Jen, the lovely Mama behind LoveThyScent, sent me 3 bars of the laundry soap. three big chunks of soft milky white soap. i couldn't wait to try it out.

i filled the sink with hot water and put in 2 inserts and 1 gDiaper, each soiled with a little bit of tee-tee. i lathered the soap in my hands under the running water, producing small, soft bubbles. but the bubbles didn't last long. that's how you know it's natural. and even though the soap is not scented, there's something about it that smells fresh and clean. not Ivory soap clean. it's a pure, natural, earthy clean scent. i scrubbed the diapers with my hands- the tee-tee stains washed clean- and then i rinsed with water. the soap rinsed clean easily, no residue. the whole process took me less than 5 minutes, although i could have played in the water with that soap for quite some time. it was so luxurious!

Jen gave me 3 bars of to review. i'm so in love with this handwashing "un-soap" and i want to spread the love, so i'm going to give away 1 of my bars for one of you to try. just try it. and then admit it, washing diapers is kinda fun now. :)

air your dirty laundry to win a bar of laundry soap! please visit LoveThyScent's HyenaCart shop, look at all the natural soaps she makes with her bare hands, come back here and leave a comment telling me what you would wash if you win the delicious handmade natural laundry soap. i'll have pick a winner on the morning of Wednesday 3/3.

thanks for following my journey as we switch from disposible to cloth diapers!