Wednesday, January 20, 2010

works for me: MOPS

back in 2006, which seems like yesterday by the way, i joined a local chapter of MOPS.
MOPS is Mothers of Preschoolers, a Christian support group for women who share the common bond of having preschool-age (and younger) children. at the time, BigGirl was little bitty BabyHall and i was still adjusting to life as a full-time stay-at-home parent. i seriously needed that common mom bonding time. at the urging of my sweetest friend, i went to my first MOPS meeting. i knew her- just one person in the room of 40+ - and yet immediately i felt welcomed and comfortable.

these women were just like me in at least one way: we are moms.

at MOPS, we can talk about spitup, breast pumps, epidurals, diaper brands, sleepless nights, floor cleaners, diaper bags, finger foods, nipple cream, carseats, teething, and all of that mom-stuff that inevitably comes up in mom conversations. yeah. openly and out loud. with complete strangers. strangers that become friends.

but there is something else that sets MOPS apart from any other mom group that i've been a part of: faith.

it was at MOPS where i realized that God gave me my children on purpose. i was specially made to be their Mom. and i'm not in it alone- He is always there to guide me, to strengthen me, to teach me, and to comfort me. motherhood is a calling. motherhood is a gift.

when we realize that, the trials of every day parenting seem almost laughable. silly. small.

in 2007 i helped start a new chapter of MOPS at our church home. i was actively involved in the leadership team and helped recruit new moms to join. the group has since grown to nearly 50 women, and together we're powerful. we're a force to be reckoned with. we pray like crazy over every aspect of our lives- from spitup and breastfeeding to sleepless nights and teething. we pray for eachother, we pray with eachother. we guzzle sip coffee together. we go on playdates together. we share babysitters, recall notices and grocery coupons. we share tears and laughter.

we form bonds. we cherish motherhood. we grow in faith.

i'm a MOPS Mommy and MOPS works for me.

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