Friday, January 29, 2010

changing diapers: my journey of switching from disposable to cloth

i've had my hands full lately. figuratively and literally. i've missed Top Ten Tuesdays and Works for Me Wednesdays and Thirsty Thursdays. and by 'missed' i mean the day got away from me before i had a chance to write and i ached at that realization.

it's just that i've been busy changing diapers.

we're making the change from disposable to cloth diapers.

from 2004 to 2005 our family made some big changes in the way we eat and the products we use, with the goal being a less impact on the earth and better health for our bodies. over the last few years we've made more changes, slowly, but with determination.

organic. farm fresh. all-natural. 100% whole grain. driving less. gardening. recycling. making it/growing it ourselves. less packaging. energy efficient. non-toxic. aluminum-free. no preservatives. 
and now...chlorine free and biodegradable.

we talked about it once when we were pregnant with baby#1 but hubby was so grossed out at the thought of it that we never talked about it again. when we were pregnant with baby#2 we talked about it again and he thought it was a good idea. (you see, i need his full support on this switch if i'm gonna get any help changing diapers around here) well baby#2 came and disposables were what we knew so it's what we went with.

now Bubba is 18 months old and has at least (at most?) a year left in diapers. new year, new plan. we're changing everything else to be healthy for our planet and healthy for our bodies, it seemed very hypocritical to be putting a chlorine diaper on my baby that would later sit in a landfill for 500 years or more. and if there's one thing i don't like to be it's a hypocrite.

so here we go. and let me first say that it has not been easy. it's overwhelming. there are acronyms and terminology that i don't know. there are forums to join and patterns to learn. you have to know a little bit about your home's plumbing system. there are washables and flushables and pilling and tabs and snaps.

we're 2 weeks into this and there's a stack of leftover Target brand disposables laughing at me all the way.

i won't go back. i will conquer cloth diapering! and what does any respectable person do when they want to be held accountable? blog about it of course.

i'm going to journal our diaper changing journey here on Fridays. it's going to get messy, yall.

i would love, love, love it if i had your support. send me your comments and links to your stories and your gently used cloth diapers. (wink wink)

come on....let's change some diapers.