Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: i {heart} my hubby

i just love the way my left hand is clenched in this picture. i was so excited to be his wife. and i still am. today, December 1, is our 7th wedding anniversary. what better way to celebrate than a list of 10 things i love about my hubby!
1. i love that he is sentimental. he cherishes the quilt his Great Grandma made, the How To books his Grandpa gave him, and every single piece of artwork his children make.
2. i love that he is shy. he's never the loud one in the room.
3. i love his flat feet. except when they cause him back pain.
4. i love that he can fix practically anything. with confidence.
5. i love his laugh. it's always real and it's always contagious.
6. i love his faith. fresh, deep, true.
7. i love that he is brilliant. yet humble.
8. i love the way he leads. gently, confidently.
9. i love the way he makes coffee. no one else compares.
10. i love the way he loves me. then, now, and forever.
doesn't he sound dreamy?
he is.
i {heart} my hubby!