Wednesday, November 18, 2009

works for me: unsubscribe

not too long ago, i had to get a new email address. i'd had my other one, old familiar, for 5 years. everyone knew that one- it was easy to remember and i used it for everything.

and that became a huge problem.

i'm talking hundreds of emails a day.

[for a little nobody like me that is a lot.]

i dreaded opening my inbox. sorting the junk from the good stuff was like finding needles in haystacks. every day. deleting emails from the same senders got really old. i had subscribed to too many newsletters, groups, company or product updates, news alerts, and e-couponing services. how many daily e-devotionals does one girl need?

overwhelmed and aggitated, i opened junk email and scrolled all the way down to the unsubscribe button.

i unsubscribed to about 20 e-mail services that once upon a time i felt the need to sign up for. and it felt good. now, when i open my inbox i see emails that i want to read! overwhelmed? unsubscribe. it works for me.

it's Wednesday. you know what that means. more Works For Me at We Are THAT Family.

{photo by sosjones}