Wednesday, November 11, 2009

this day is good

earlier this year, DaddyHall started something new at the dinner table. before we say "amen" after praying over our meal and thanking God for our blessings, we each say something that we are especially thankful for that day.

"safe travels"
"a good job"
"good friends and good neighbors"
"health insurance"
"Polly Pockets"

it's been heart-warming and it's become my favorite part of the day.

about the same time that we added an extra ounce of graditude to our dinnertime prayer, i heard about a Blessings Box. the object of a Blessings Box, to my understanding, is to recognize and give thanks for blessings in our lives. this little red box seemed perfect for the job. i encouraged my family to jot down a blessing they're thankful for and tuck it in the box.

two weeks later, BigGirl had taken complete ownership of the little red box and hid it in a very special place for her own blessings. (it's been missing.)

i found it this morning. and what i found inside about made me cry.

two little scraps of notebook paper, precicely cut into the same size squares, with BigGirl's distinct handwriting filling up the white space.

written phonetically, just like this, on one square:

"I lik wen miy bruther fols usleep in miy arms."

and on the other:

"I lik too help stop Josh frum crying."

these are the blessings my 4-year-old put in the Blessings Box.
her little brother, even at his sleepiest and fussiest, is a blessing to her.

{and she can spell pretty good!}

my children are a blessing. i'm thankful for the Blessings Box, and grateful that i found it this morning. i'm thankful that my children can express graditude whole heartedly.

and this day is good.

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