Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: for the baby book

Excuse me while I use Ten on Tuesday to brag on my baby. Yall don't mind, do you? Okay great. Thanks.

Ten Things Bubba Says (and what it means):

1. "Da-doooo" (thank you)
2. "Dow-Ball" (throw ball)
3. "Ta-dow" (touchdown)
4. "Fu-Ball" (football)
5. "No"
6. "Go Bye-Bye"
7. "Vroom" (car)
8. "NnnK" (drink)
9. "Poo-Poo" (new diaper, please)
10. "Gu-Daw" (good dog)

i link-up my Ten on Tuesday @ OhAmanda.com. doesn't everyone?