Monday, November 23, 2009

menu planning monday: road trip snacks

my original plan was to not eat all week so that i can stuff my face guilt-free on Thursday. but there are three other people in this family that aren't on board with that idea. i guess they are hungry and need to eat every day. geesh.

with our crazy holiday travel schedule, though, turns out i only have to do dinner two nights this week. whooo-hoo! i was careful to not make anything that is remotely similar to the Thanksgiving feast. i'm thoughtful like that.

monday: mile-high tostadas, rice
tuesday: speghetti bake, steamed veggies

i did, however, have to plan for road-trip snacks and kid food to take to Grandma's house. my kids like to snack, like, 24-7. i like to be prepared so here's what i got:
-Goldfish crackers
-TLC soft cereal bars
-Cutie oranges
-seedless grapes
-string cheese
-YoBaby yogurt
-graham crackers
-Saltine crackers
-HappyBaby PUFFS
-animal crackers
-soy nuts
i think we're set.

what's your pre-Thanksgiving week menu like? link up at's Menu Planning Monday. see ya there!