Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i need your prayers this Thanksgiving

i'm going to get a little personal here. because i need your prayers, please.

this Thanksgiving is different. difficult.

i don't cook the turkey or ham. i'm not stressed out about recipes or side dishes. i didn't set a fancy table or even clean my house. i didn't make place cards. i didn't bake a pie.

this is the first Thanksgiving without Larry. my sweet Father-in-Law went to heaven in March, and nothing here on earth will ever be the same.

there will be tears. there will be silence.

there will be an empty seat at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

i'm staying strong. i'm going thru the motions. i'm holding up so that i can be the shoulder for my husband or my Mother-in-Law to cry on. i'm staying distracted by the children, wearing a smile for their sake, changing the subject. but it hurts on the inside. i miss him so much.

i am most thankful that God is my Father and He gives me supernatural strength to get thru times like these. i'm thankful that i can fully lean on Him to pull me, us, thru this holiday season. i'm thankful that i can call on my God to step in and fill the emptiness, and i know He will.

won't you please lift us up in your prayers this Thanksgiving?