Thursday, October 22, 2009

vintage. pearl. giveaway.

this morning as i sipped my warm cup of coffee, i opened my reader and found a giveaway named "Vintage. Pearl. Cuteness" on Like A Warm Cup of Coffee.

good morning!

i love pearls. my wedding ring is a pearl. my favorite jewelry is anything with pearls.

i love vintage. vintage is simple. the vintage-looking hand-stamped jewelry with pearls is perfectly simple modern vintage. i am loving The Vintage Pearl.

i love Sarah Maeshe doesn't know me from Adam, but i like to pretend we're really close friends.

Sarah Mae is giving away a $50 gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee.

good morning!

this is the one i want.

i've gotta win this giveaway. i feel like it was meant for me. it's everything i love! but you can go ahead and enter, too, here. :)

PS: Congratulations to Katy from!  Katy was the one and only person to enter my HAPPYBABY book giveaway last week! Thank you for voting for HAPPYBABY in the Shine A Light contest. We really appreciate your support.