Thursday, October 15, 2009

a glimpse of Gorbella's

Gorbella's is my dream for a place where families with young children can go anytime for free play, healthy food, educational activities, and parent support and connections. Gorbella's is open to the public for the sole purpose of providing a "better place to play." But it's more than a playground. It's a great, good place, designed for families with young children, like none other. For lack of better terminology, it's a "community center." It's a service for the families in the community...Gorbella's is a Nonprofit Organization.

About a year ago the Gorbella's Board of Directors started looking for ideal locations to build this dream. Stripmalls seemed too "corporate." Stand-alone buildings felt cold. When I imagined the inside of Gorbella's, I always imagined it to be warm and cozy, homelike.

And then I saw this house for sale. This quaint little house on the corner of a fairly busy intersection, surrounded by family restaurants and shops; it caught my eye and it captured my heart.

This is the perfect house for Gorbella's.

Remodeling the bedrooms into play rooms and Moms Clubs meeting rooms would be so easy. The natural flow of the house is just what I envisioned for Gorbella's. The house has two spacious play areas [one for older toddlers and young preschoolers, and one for crawlers and young toddlers], a beautiful kitchen/dining area for the Gorbella's cafe, and quiet, comfortable rooms for the Gorbella's nursing lounge, library, and all-purpose meeting room. Plus, a really big and really green backyard and a little parking lot in the back. It's perfect.

We have to have this house for Gorbella's.

It's on the market, listed at $140,000.

We have to have this house for Gorbella's. 

Gorbella's is currently offering Naming Rights to family-focused businesses [or individuals/families] that want to sponsor the community center or an area of the community center. If, for instance, ABC Corp believes in our mission and wants to partner with us, we would name the crawler play area "ABC Play Area" and offer them perpetual advertising at Gorbella's. ABC Corp may even want to buy the house for us and in that [wonderful] case, the community center would be named "ABC Community Center." This could be an amazing opportunity for a company to show their dedication to families and the community.

We have to have this house for Gorbella's.

You can help, too, by donating to Gorbella's. Every single dime goes into the Community Center fund. Now is the time for Gorbella's annual Santa Mail fundraiser where we send handwritten, personalized letters from Santa to children before Christmas. Each letter is customized for your child and handwritten - not typed! -for just $5. Again, 100% of the proceeds go to buying and remodeling this house into the community center.

Donate $25 and get a Gorbella's reusable sports water bottle. Donate $50 and get the water bottle AND a custom crocheted Gorbella monkey. Donate $75 and get a Gorbella's canvas reusable tote bag, the crocheted monkey, AND the water bottle. Photos of the water bottle, Gorbella monkey and tote bag are here: 100% of the proceeds go to buying and remodeling this house into the community center.

We have to have this house for Gorbella's.

Take a tour of the property with me and imagine it as Gorbella's Community Center- a better place to play:

I'm believing that God gave me this dream for a reason. I believe that if I can see it, God gave it to me. I am walking in faith that my vision of Gorbella's will come to pass! Thank You, God, for giving me this dream and thank You, God for the fulfillment of Gorbella's!

Vision + Faith = Posession & Prosperity! -Pastor Gary Simons, High Point Church