Wednesday, September 16, 2009

works for me: simple baby toys

did you hear about the baby who was more excited to play with the wrapping paper than the birthday present inside the wrapping? or the kid who played for hours with the box that his Christmas gift came in?

if you have children, chances are you know exactly what i'm talking about. and if your children are like my children, they'd much rather play with random household things that aren't meant to be toys.

Bubba likes his cars, balls, blocks, and his dump truck, but he loves spatulas, paper towel tubes, the shoe horn, the broom, Mama's jewelry, and medicine bottles.

instead of fighting him on it, indulging him works for me.

here's what i did with an empty Ibuprofin bottle and a strand of Mardi Gras beads that pleased my little man to no end:

shake it don't break it!
{ps: the bottle cap is child proof'd; safety first!}

simple baby toys work for me. for more Works for Me Wednesday than you can imagine, head on over to my favorite sweet tea addict's blog,